Poster Session 1 – Monday 12 September

P:01 Quantum enhanced sensing: using non-linear optics to beat the shot-noise in absorption measurements
E Allen, University of Bristol, UK

P:02 Mechanics of cell division: effects of spontaneous curvature, surface tension, and osmotic pressure
E Beltrán de Heredia Rodríguez, Universidad Complutense de Madri, Spain

P:03 Controlling lipid bilayer properties by organic electrolytes: the room temperature ionic liquids route
A Benedetto, University College Dublin, Ireland

P:04 Mechanical properties of single supramolecular polymers from correlative AFM and fluorescence microscopy
M Beuwer, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

P:05 Regulating mesenchymal stem cell phenotype and morphology via biomimetic nanopatterned surfaces
O Brazil, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

P:06 Growth kinetics of Escherichia coli in the presence of cell wall targeting antibiotics
R Brouwers, University of Edinburgh, UK

P:07 Development of new experimental platforms for studying respiratory tissue trauma and infection
K Brown, University of Cambridge, UK

P:08 Physics of a purely Brownian ratchet molecular motor
F J Cao-García, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

P:09 Excitons meet plasmonic antennae: a multiscale approach
S Caprasecca, Università di Pisa, Italy

P:10 Membrane crowding and anomalous diffusion in artificial lipid bilayers
M Cheetham, University of Oxford, UK

P:11 Motile cilia in human airways: the importance of beating in synchrony
M Chioccioli, Cavendish Laboratory University of Cambridge, UK

P:12 Investigation of the molecular interactions relevant to receptor-mediated virus entry using HIV receptors as a model
D Valter Conca, University College London, UK

P:13 The self-assembly of amphiphilic peptide I3K
H Cox, University of Manchester, UK

P:14 Quantitative Raman spectroscopy discrimination of mesenchymal stromal cell lines for regenerative medicine applications
R de Almeida Rocha Ponzoni, University of York, UK

P:15 Raman spectroscopy for quantitative assessment of human intervention (cooking evidence) in archaeological marine shells
A L de Lima Ponzoni, University of York, UK

P:16 Purification of 50-base DNA-AuNP mono conjugates using gel-electrophoresis
A De, TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands

P:17 Single-molecule imaging of electroporated chemotaxis proteins in live bacteria
D Di Paolo, University of Oxford, UK

P:18 A patch clamp study of ionic Coulomb blockade in biological ion channels
O Fedorenko, Lancaster University, UK

P:19 Overcoming biological barriers: nanoparticles for targeted nucleic acid delivery
A Garcia Guerra, University of Oxford, UK

P:20 Kinetic model of selectivity in the KcsA potassium ion channel
W Gibby, Lancaster University, UK

P:21 Characterizing the NaChBac channel through MD simulations
C Guardiani, University of Warwick, UK

P:22 Computational design of hepatitis C vaccines using empirical fitness landscapes and population dynamics
G Hart, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

P:23 Widefield microwave imaging using atoms and diamond NV centres
A Horsley, University of Basel, Switzerland

P:24 From invasion to egress: analysis of the blood-stage malaria cycle
V Introini, University of Cambridge, UK

P:25 Network sizes and regulatory rules both contribute to the topologies for perfect adaptation
W Shi, Peking University, China

P:26 Electronic nano-biosensor for the investigation of Alzheimer’s disease induced by Amyloid-beta Oligomers
W Chen, University of Cambridge, UK

P:27 Design principles for mitochondrial apoptosis network
Y Yuan, Peking University, China

Poster Session 2 – Tuesday 13 September

P:28 The disturbance of beating frequency of rice fish gills in the contaminated water with titanium dioxide nanoparticles
M Irie, Waseda University, Japan

P:29 Binding of small ligands to long polymers
J Jarillo, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

P:30 Chlamydomonas in an air-lift photobioreactor under gyrotactic effects
D Jin, University of Cambridge, UK

P:31 Clathrin-inspired DNA structure on lipid bilayer
C Journot, University of Oxford, UK

P:32 Coulomb blockade oscillations and AMFE in Calcium/Sodium ion channels
I Kaufman, Lancaster University, UK

P:33 Study of the influence of shear stress on the intermediate filament elasticity of alveolar epithelial cells
F Kleinjan, Ulm University, Germany

P:34 Measuring cell’s free energy components on the single cell level; the challenges
E Krasnopeeva, University of Edinburgh, UK

P:35 Synthesis and characterization of bacterial cellulose-nanostructured materials hybrid heterostructures
M Longobardi, University of Geneva, Switzerland

P:36 Motor-mediated pattern formation in microtubules
I Maryshev, University of Edinburgh, UK

P:37 Motility assays and contractile rings through dynamical networking formalism
K Müller-Nedebock, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

P:38 Growth and gene expression dynamics in Escherichia coli under non-equilibrium environmental conditions
M Panlilio, University of Cambridge, UK

P:39 PC12 differentiation on aligned electrospun polymeric fibres
A Patharagulpong, University of Cambridge, UK

P:40 Implementation of sense on gpu and multicore cpu using pre-scan and eigen-value sensitivity profiles
M Sadaqat, Comsats Institute of information technology, Pakistan

P:41 Observing molecular changes in cells using Raman micro-spectroscopy
F Sinjab, University of Notthingham, UK

P:42 Hofmeister effect on coenzyme FAD: a time-resolved fluorescence study
A Sipos, Szeged Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

P:43 Single molecular machines to responsive macro-materials
S Smoukov, University of Cambridge, UK

P:44 Statistics of discrete motor-driven events in active actin-myosin networks
A Sonn-Segev, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

P:45 PR65: Relating repeat protein dynamics and mechanics to their function
M Synakewicz, University of Cambridge, UK

P:46 Bacterial confinement in micro-environments
D Taylor, University of Edinburgh, UK

P:47 Abuse prevention by controlled release of opioids from micro to nano-structured silica xerogel delivery systems
G Toworfe, FSTM, Germany

P:48 Artificially templated assembly of bacterial flagellar motor components in vitro
S Tusk, Oxford University, UK

P:49 Lipid interactions of dendritic drug and gene delivery systems
M Wilde, University of Reading, UK

P:50 Neural plasticity due to repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation evaluated with neural field theory
M Wilson, University of Waikato, New Zealand

P:51 Escherichia coli challenged with sublethal antibiotic doses shows changes in chromosomal loci compaction
M Wlodarski, University of Cambridge, UK

P:52 Characterising protein adsorption on a stainless steel surface
M Wood, University of Cambridge, UK

P:53 The role of the cell cycle in stem-cell fate decisions: a single-cell analysis approach
W Zhai, University of Cambridge, UK

P:54 Investigation of bacterial capsular polysaccharides with super-resolution fluorescent imaging
S Phanphak, University of Manchester, UK

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline:
    20 May 2016
  • Student bursary deadline:
    20 May 2016
  • Early registration deadline:
    03 August 2016
  • Registration deadline:
    25 August 2016